Helping people and organizations, who are trying to make a difference, thrive and flourish!

MakeTimeFlow is a human thriving-focused startup created in 2020 by Narath Carlile, a Dartmouth / Harvard-trained physician and software developer, with expertise in global health, social equity and health informatics. Read his story here.

MakeTimeFlow stems from a vision for health innovation that offers people the opportunity to pursue not just wellness, but to thrive. When you thrive in your work and life you become more successful and resilient, which in turn transforms every aspect of your life. We believe this is the future of health.

Our mission at MakeTimeFlow is to offer you a life-transforming learning- and coaching-solution that will improve outcomes in every aspect of your life. We do this through a solution that is both virtual and in-person, and build your skills in mastering time, focus and impact.

MakeTimeFlow is a proud member of the CIC community, which supports the power of innovation to build a better world. We are headquartered at One Broadway in Boston's Innovation District, Kendall Square.