Desktop Apps

The Flow Desktop Apps are designed to help make being intentional about your time, and being mindfully (and reliably) awakened when your intentional timers have completed.

Key benefits include:

  • Tray icons showing your current focused project, task and the intentional time remaining
  • A global shortcut that will quickly take you to your timer view. On the mac, this is Cmd-Alt-T and on Windows and Linux it is Ctl-Alt-T
  • A focused environment for thinking about your own flow without the distraction of managing a browser window or tab
  • Reliable awakening reminders (for your intentional timers) - some browser's put background tabs to sleep



Mac M1 (Apple Silicon)

Mac - Intel


Windows - Beta

Note: The Windows app is in beta. It is not yet signed, so you will get a warning when you install it.


Linux - coming soon. Email us to be notified when it is released.